Step-by-Step Guide

Who Does PIP Cover and What to Do First?


Who Does PIP COver?

PIP covers:

  • The person(s) named on the policy 
  • Household residents related by blood, marriage, or adoption
  • Step- or foster children
  • Any non-family passengers and/or pedestrians involved in the accident

A Step By Step Guide to PIP

  1. Call your insurance agent
  2. Ask if you have PIP - if yes, ask about limits on time and dollar amount
  3. Ask your agent to take your Report of Loss claim
  4. Ask your agent to phone in your report to the claims office
  5. Ask your agent to call back with the claim number, address, and phone number of the claims office
  6. Call the claims office and get the name of the claims adjuster handling your claim
  7. Ask the claims adjuster to mail a PIP Application, Attending Physician's Report, and Salary Verification forms
  8. Complete the PIP Application and return it to the claims adjuster
  9. Have your doctor fill out the Attending Physican's Report form, return it to you, and then you will mail the form to the claims adjuster
  10. Have your employer complete the Salary Verification form, return it to you, and then you will mail the form to the claims adjuster
  11. Provide your claim number and adjuster's name, office address and phone number to all your Health Care Providers
  12. Instruct your Health Care Providers to bill your PIP carrier directly, including copies of chart notes for each day of services